Medical Recognitions for divers in Madrid

In our clinic in Madrid, we conduct Medical Fitness Assessments for recreational and professional diving

The assessments are overseen by Dr. Clara Beltrán de Yturriaga, who is a specialist in Underwater and Hyperbaric Medicine from the University of Barcelona. She is qualified as a Diver Medical Examiner by CRIS-Hyperbaric Therapy Unit and has been an active diver since 1988 (PADI Divemaster).

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Following the recommendations of the EDTC – European Diving and Technology Committee, we conduct a comprehensive medical examination to assess whether your health is compatible with diving. If there are no contraindications, we will issue a Diving Fitness Certificate.

Médico especialista en Medicina Subacuática e Hiperbárica realizando reconocimiento a buceadorWhy is it necessary to undergo a medical examination before diving?

Because it is essential to rule out the presence of certain pathologies that could worsen as a result of the changes that occur in the body during immersion, jeopardize the safety of the diver, or predispose them to have an accident related to diving.

Buceadores realizando curso de iniciación al buceo tras haber obtenido su certificado medico de aptitud para actividades subacuáticas.When or how often should this type of examination be conducted?

The initial examination should be done before the start of underwater activities, i.e., before undertaking the first diving course.

The examination should be repeated before each new diving course, to obtain any new certificate or title, and annually for professional divers and every two years for recreational divers.

Additionally, if the diver experiences any significant illness, it is advisable to undergo a new medical examination before diving again, even if the last one was normal.

Médico especialista en Medicina Subacuática e Hiperbárica expidiendo certificado de aptitud para el buceoWho should conduct medical examinations for divers?

Medical examinations for divers or individuals who want to start diving should be performed by a Specialist in Underwater and Hyperbaric Medicine or someone legally qualified as a Diver Medical Examiner. These individuals possess the necessary training to identify potential contraindications for diving.

Legislacion vigente sobre los reconocimientos médicos a buceadoresWhat is the current legislation regarding medical examinations for divers?

Currently, medical examinations conducted for individuals engaging in recreational or professional diving are regulated by Article 25 of Order 24978 of October 14, 1997, published in the Official State Gazette (BOE) No. 80 on November 22, 1997.

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Médico especialista en Medicina Subacuática e Hiperbárica examinando a un buceadorWhat kind of examinations will be performed during the examination?

Upon arrival at our ear, nose, and throat clinic in Madrid, you will be given a health questionnaire, which you should read and fill out carefully. The doctor will review your answers and delve into aspects deemed necessary based on your medical history.

Subsequently, a general physical examination will be conducted, with special attention to the neurological system, cardiovascular and respiratory systems, and the Otolaryngological area, given its special physiological implications in diving.

Buceadora apta para el buceo al no presentar contraindicacionesWhat happens if I have any contraindication for diving?

There are few absolute and permanent contraindications for diving. Most contraindications are relative or temporary, meaning that by following your doctor’s recommendations, such as certain precautions or prior treatments, you may be able to achieve or regain your fitness for diving.