Dental Barotrauma

Paciente con barodontalgia tras una inmersión

Barodontalgia is dental pain caused by changes in environmental pressure.

At times, dental pieces, especially those with cavities, those undergoing treatment with provisional materials, or even those that have already been filled, may contain some air inside them; the pressure and volume changes experienced by this air during a dive could compress the sensitive nerve root of the tooth, which, combined with other factors such as temperature decrease or possible embolism in the dental pulp, would be the cause of barodontalgia. This situation occurs more frequently in the anterior teeth than in the posterior ones and in the upper teeth than in the lower ones.

Dibujo esquemático sobre el mecanismo de producción de la odontocrexis

Additionally, during the decompression that occurs during ascent, the increase in air volume that may have become trapped inside the dental piece during the dive could lead to its rupture, especially if it is not in perfect condition. This is known as odontocrexis.