Exostosis of the external auditory canal

Exostoses of the external auditory canal are benign bony formations, generally bilateral, that appear on the anteroinferior and posterior walls of the canal.Dibujo de conducto auditivo externo con exóstosis

They are very common among water sports practitioners, and although their exact cause is not well known, they are thought to be related to the irritating effect produced on the external auditory canal by repeated contact with cold water.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Frequent Exostoses of the Auditory Canal

Conducto auditivo externo con exóstosis leves.Most of the time, exostoses are asymptomatic and are diagnosed incidentally during an ear examination. They evolve very slowly and rarely become a significant problem. However, they predispose individuals to external otitis by favoring the retention of earwax and water in the canal.

Conducto auditivo externo con exóstosis severas.

In the early stages, only complications are treated; as exostoses increase in size, they compromise the permeability of the external auditory canal, which can lead to increasingly frequent external otitis, and even result in hearing loss. In these cases, surgical treatment is indicated.


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The only way to prevent their growth is to avoid direct contact with cold water; for this purpose, some protective system, such as masks with built-in earphones, can be used.




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