We offer medical-expert service in cases related to underwater pathology.

We bring extensive experience in the assessment and preparation of expert reports for patients covered by workplace accident and occupational disease insurance.

We have the necessary technical resources to conduct a comprehensive and objective assessment of the patient, overcoming the challenges that the simulation of certain conditions adds to diagnosis, follow-up, and prognosis.

Informes periciales medicina subacuatica


Services for the preparation of Expert Reports

We offer:

  1. Initial advice or guidance to determine the medical viability of your claim.
  2. Detailed study of all medical documentation (previous diagnoses, complementary tests, etc.) available.
  3. Up-to-date comprehensive otolaryngological examination.
  4. Requesting any necessary complementary tests.
  5. Preparation of expert medical reports.
  6. Attendance at court, if necessary.

This service for expert reports in underwater medicine is not affiliated with Medical Insurance Companies.”