Specialists in Underwater Medicine.

At Altiorem we are specialists in underwater medicine.


We conduct thorough examinations, both general and otolaryngological, to assess the individual’s health before diving.

In the event of any illness related to diving, our underwater medicine specialists will handle the evaluation and diagnosis. They will provide advice on the most suitable treatment, monitor the progress until resolution, and determine when the individual can regain fitness for further dives.

Transitioning from the aerial to the underwater environment involves various environmental changes (increased density, decreased temperature, increased pressure) that, in turn, have effects on the human body, which is not inherently designed for that environment. It’s essential to recognize that the underwater environment is inherently “hostile” to humans, and issues easily resolved on the surface may have more severe consequences during a dive, even posing life-threatening risks.

For these reasons, and to prevent and minimize unnecessary risks, it’s crucial to assess one’s health and be aware of potential limitations before diving.

Furthermore, diseases and accidents stemming from diving should be evaluated by a specialist in Underwater and Hyperbaric Medicine with the expertise needed to ensure accurate diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up, as well as determining when the individual recovers fitness for diving.

Health services related to diving

offered at our ear, nose, and throat clinic in Madrid include:

  • Medical assessment of fitness for recreational and professional diving.
  • General Underwater Medicine Consultation.
  • Otolaryngological Underwater Medicine Consultation.